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Late-Life Suicide:

Secondary Prevention

Provides information that will assist the nurse or other health care provider in recognizing at-risk suicidal behavior in the elderly and providing appropriate and effective crisis intervention. The goal is to decrease the occurrence of suicide among elderly individuals who have contact with nurses or other health care providers. Includes risk factors, warning signs, and a psychosocial assessment form. Written 2002; Revised 2017

Elder Abuse Prevention

Provides information to facilitate assessment of older persons in domestic and institutional settings who are at risk for elder abuse and recommends interventions to reduce the incidence of mistreatment. Contains thirteen assessment tools, instruments, and forms to use in patient assessment of elder abuse. Also included is one relevant Nursing Outcome Classification (NOC), and relevant labels and definitions of NOC and Nursing Interventions. Written 2004; Revised 2010; 2017

Care of Older Persons for Optimum Quality of Life: Nursing Diagnoses, Outcomes, and Interventions

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