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Persistent Pain Management in Older Adults Acute Pain Management in Older Adults Wandering
Price: $20.00
Detection of Depression in the Cognitively Intact Older Adults Detection of Depression in Older Adults with Dementia Assessing Heart Failure in Long-Term Care Facilities
Improving Medication Management for Older Adult Clients Hydration Management Family Preparedness and End of Life Support before the Death of a Nursing Home Resident
Quality Improvement in Nursing Homes Management of Relocation Delirium, Acute Confusion/Delirium
Price: $20.00
Management of Constipation Family Involvement in Care for Persons with Dementia Promoting Spirituality in the Older Adult
Wheelchair Biking for the Treatment of Depression Nurse Retention Non-Pharmacologic Management of Agitated Behaviors in Persons with Dementia
Nurse Retention
Price: $20.00
Bathing Persons with Dementia Changing the Practice of Physical Restraint use in Acute Care Oral Hygiene Care for Functionally Dependent and Cognitively Impaired Older Adults
Fall Prevention in Older Adults Elder Abuse Prevention Late Life Suicide: Secondary Prevention
Prompted Voiding for Persons with Urinary Incontinence Detection and Assessment of Late-Life Anxiety Writing Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines