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August 2021

New Normal Post-Pandemic. You have heard the saying, Time and tide wait for no one. You have also felt the power of the natural order and the powerless of humans in the face of these two forces. But each of us has experienced the effect of the COVID pandemic on one of those forces - our sense of time. Sometimes time has seemed to slow then suddenly accelerate. What happened in specific months in 2020 blur together as time seemed to slow but then we ask ourselves, “Where did the past 17 months go?”..... Read More

April 2021

Spring is Finally Here!!!  Join us in celebrating that Spring finally arrived March 20th and signs of renewal are clearly visible as early flowers bloom, grass turns green, and trees bud with new leaves and flowers. It’s a beautiful sight given the long cold and snowy winter that was complicated by persisting Covid-19 related restrictions. The beauty of spring reminds us new opportunities are on the way, in our yards, gardens and countryside, but also in life as we emerge from the pandemic with new hope for the future..... Read More

December 2020

Seasons Greetings! We know this has been a challenging year for so many and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your strength, perseverance, and hard work getting through the many challenges we faced this year. We suggest you reflect on the saying, “Not all years are good, but there is some good in every year,” then try to think about the good that 2020 brought.  We hope your holiday season is filled with peace and joy, and that the coming year brings you and your loved ones health and prosperity!..... Read More

May 2020

SPECIAL ISSUE: Celebrating Long-Term Care in the COVID-19 Crisis--Leaders of the Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence and the Iowa Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program at the University of Iowa join together to celebrate the remarkable commitment, compassion, and hard work demonstrated by our many long-term care (LTC) partners throughout the COVID-19 crisis. In this special issue, we will discuss both the challenges faced by our LTC partners, and highlight some of our “heroes” who have joined hands to face this pandemic with creativity and resiliency..... Read More

February 2020

Today is National Caregivers Day ! This day was established to honor the caregivers who devote countless hours providing care to our loved ones. Whether you are a caregiver yourself or appreciate those who are, today is the perfect time to say thank you for all that they do. The Csomay Center sincerely thanks all caregivers for all the quality, compassionate care they provide every day!... Read More

December 2019

This issue of our newsletter provides a variety of articles about Center leaders’ and Center-sponsored students’ participate in the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting held November 13-17 in Austin, Texas. As noted on their website, GSA is the oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to research, education, and practice in the field of aging. Founded in 1945, GSA has an estimated 5,500 member, and is the driving force behind advancing innovation in aging by promoting the study of aging and disseminate information to scientists, decision makers, and the general public.... Read More

October 2019

The Center is excited to announce that two individuals have recently joined the Csomay Center Leadership Team. This fall, Ryleigh Maas was appointed the Center Administrator, and Larry Newman joined the Center team of University of Iowa interprofessional leaders. Eiko Oka, Center Coordinator for the past 2 years, accepted a full-time position with Student Services in the College of Nursing in August. And in early October, the Center celebrated its relationship with the Iowa Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program through a Kick-Off event with activity leaders.... Read More

June 2019

The rain and colder-than-normal weather in Iowa this summer has not dampened the enthusiasm of the Csomay Center leadership as we made plans for the upcoming year! We are excited that the Csomay family gift has “matured” and is now providing an operational budget to resume activities that were paused when Hartford Foundation funding ended in 2015, and will allow us to add new and exciting ventures... Read More

December 2018

Greetings of the season! We hope 2018 has been an enjoyable and memorable year for you and yours, that your holiday season is filled with peace and joy, and that the coming year brings you and your loved ones health and prosperity!

The year has been a busy one for us! Our leadership team is working to advance our mission through partnerships with community members, leaders, and organizations, and through enhanced communication – like our newsletter. We are pleased to announce that our website is now both updated and expanded, and offered through a separate address that is linked to the College of Nursing, yet independent: https://csomaycenter.uiowa.edu/... Read More

June 2018

The Barbara and Richard Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence was established to support and improve the care of older adults. The Center builds on the rich traditions of the John A. Hartford Center of Nursing Excellence that was funded for 15 years by the Hartford Foundation... Read More