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The Csomay Center

The Barbara and Richard Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence was established to support and improve the care of older adults. The Center builds on the rich traditions of the John A. Hartford Center of Nursing Excellence that was funded for 15 years by the Hartford Foundation.

The Csomay Center's mission is to advance innovative, evidence-based practices and products that maximize optimal aging and adaptive function. Its efforts in practice, research, and education have contributed to the discovery of new knowledge and adoption of improved care practices that have touched the lives of many older adults and their families.

Recognized as national and international leader for interdisciplinary developed,evidence-based practices and products to support healthy, adaptive aging inspite of multiple chronic conditions.

Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines

The Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Guidelines developed and maintained at the College of Nursing enhance our reputation as a leader in nursing practice and scholarship. When evidence-based content is integrated into day to day workflow and activities, professionals in nursing are empowered to improve patient care and outcomes and reduce liability. Our Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines offer quick and easy access to care models that were developed by expert nursing researchers and validated by experts across the field.

Our EBP guidelines on geriatric nursing, produced and distributed through the University of Iowa Hartford Center, are known both nationally and internationally and contribute to the achievement and maintenance of our No. 2 ranking in Gerontological Nursing among public institutions.